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construction company warsaw, home renovation warsaw, kitchen renovation warsaw, new construcion warsaw, poland

construction company warsaw, home renovation warsaw, kitchen renovation warsaw, bathroom renovation warsawa,new construcion warsaw, poland

is a Warsaw-based home renovation and new construction company dedicated to honesty, quality and excellence. As a licensed general contractor, we pride ourselves on maintaining a team of top-notch experts in all fields of construction. We have built a strong network of sub-contractors, suppliers, realtors, architects, designers, insurance companies, lawyers, and other industry professionals.

We serve foreigners in the whole country. We assist in the purchase, build of houses, flats and their finishes.
We provide help and advice for all foreigners how to start new life in the greatest country in the world which is Poland.Call us as soon as possible!!!

Project Analysis And Recommendations

  • Listen to your goals, requirements, and desires
  • Analyze existing conditions of the proposed work site
  • Provide a variety of design solutions
  • Determine the scope of work
  • Advise on timing and project phasing
  • Review budgetary parameters and recommend accordingly


Design & Architectural Services

  • Expand and modify your space: complete makeovers, Great rooms design / demolition / construction
  • Prepare and revise design drawings and presentation boards to assist the homeowner in visualizing the space
  • Incorporate special finishing details: custom cabinets, countertops, marble surfaces lighting, task areas, crown moldings

Project Management & Supervision

  • Small or large jobs, individual or multi-unit projects
  • Procure building permits, applications and approvals (co-ops and condo management boards)
  • Verify all required paperwork submissions (insurance certificates, permits, bonds, etc.)
  • Correspond, coordinate, and follow up with building management
  • Order and purchase appliances, fixtures and materials
  • Schedule and receive deliveries
  • Supervise all trades
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We are open for investors from all over the world. We are buiding new hauses.

We are looking for new inverstor to our projects.

For information please call us at +48 534 77 1919

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Adres siedziby firmy:  
ul. Łopuszańska 38
02-232 Warszawa
Biuro i zakład stolarski
ul. Łopuszańska 38
02-232 Warszawa
tel.: 534 77 1919
22 299 2278
[email protected]

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